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{general questions}

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Art of the Table event

Art of the Table event

What is your process for meeting with new clients?
lilly lane will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your event. At the initial meeting, we will discuss all aspects of your event and walk you through a typical list of needs. You’ll then receive an estimate for all items discussed. Please bring any items you’d like us to see/consider when designing your event!

Can I see photographs of your work?
Yes! Check out our blog or follow us on our Flickr and Facebook page to see photos of recent work, or ask your designer to see specific photos of colors or venues.

Do you charge any additional fees beyond the flowers?

There is a per-location delivery fee that includes all delivery, set-up and tear-down. This fee can be partially waived if you are willing and able to conduct  your own tear-down, setup, or other scenarios. In some cases, this is not applicable based on location or item choice.

I need to cancel, postpone, or reschedule my event. Help!
We are able to accommodate cancellations, postponements, and reschedulings. Please discuss this with your designer and refer to your contract if you are a current client.

Can I make changes to my designs after I sign a contract?
Yes! Even after you sign your contract and submit your deposit, you may make changes to your design up to one month prior to your event.

Do you work with silk florals?
Yes! We work with silks for holiday and seasonal décor, as well as wedding and event décor, and can combine silk and fresh upon request.

What’s the best way to contact you?                                                                                                                                           Email is the best way to reach us, as it allows us to return your message as quickly as possible- often, outside of “normal business hours” when we would hesitate to return a call. Due to the nature of our business, lilly lane employees are very rarely working at their desks. More often, we are in the design studio, out setting up an event, or meeting with a client.

Are you located in Australia? No, we are not! There is, however, another lovely Lily Lane located in Melbourne offering florals for weddings and events. Please click here to be redirected to their site!

{wedding questions}

photo courtesy of Bungalow Photography

photo courtesy of Bungalow Photography

When do I need to start working on flowers for my wedding?

It’s never too early to start thinking about flowers!  Because of our dedication to quality over quantity, our schedule does fill quickly, especially for Saturday weddings. For Saturday weddings April- October, our calendar typically fills up by about 8+ months out.

Who will be working on my wedding?
Your designer will serve as your main point of contact and oversee your event from beginning to end. If you are working with lilly lane for both planning and event services, you’ll have a contact from each who will work together as a team.

Will I be able to see samples?
Yes! Your designer can give you  more information as this varies by event.

How can I maximize my options if I’m working with a smaller budget?
Start by calling lilly lane! We specialize in creating innovative flowers for affordable prices. Following your initial meeting and design, lilly lane will work with you to keep the vision of your event while modifying it for your budget.

How many weddings will/can you do in one day or weekend? What if I want to be your only wedding?
The amount of weddings lilly lane will sign in a single day or weekend depends on the size and scope of each of those weddings. We work with brides on a “first come, first served” basis. If you are the first bride who has placed a “hold” on a date, you may request to be lilly lane’s only wedding by paying a nonrefundable exclusivity fee. However, if another bride already as a hold on that date, you may not request exclusivity. We appreciate your understanding.

Do you offer items for rent?
All of our vases are priced to rent or purchase based on your needs, and we offer many  decor rentals. Please contact lilly lane for more information!

I saw a great idea on Pinterest! Can I bring it in?
Please do! We love seeing the inspiration for your event. We’ll help you put your own unique spin on it by adapting the ideas to fit YOUR design (without being copycats!)

I saw a great idea, and it involved using a fish/dog/cat/exotic animal as the centerpiece!
lilly lane does not offer design pieces that include or involve the use of live animals as decor. We believe that this is not in the animal’s best interest (regardless of the best of intentions for post-event care of the animal). If you plan to involve live animals in your decor, we respectfully ask that you choose another florist to create these items for you. Exceptions are made for events featuring your beloved pets as members of the wedding party, or events held at venues where animals may be naturally present such as a zoo or farm.

I’m marrying someone older/younger/of the opposite sex/of the same sex/of the same race/of a different race/who does like dogs/who doesn’t like dogs. 
Every couple is unique and lilly lane is a proud supporter of marriage equality for all. Come on in and let us make the day gorgeous.