stress free DIY

Do It Yourself- with the help of a pro!

{real talk}

DIY options can save you hundreds, even thousands, from your wedding budget. But without proper planning, DIY can actually wind up costing you more!

When you’re thinking about DIY wedding flowers, it’s important to remember several things.

First, you’re dealing with a product with a short shelf life- everything has to be made in the few days before the wedding, or even the day of depending on available cooler storage.

Next, flowers can take awhile to make! Most boutonnieres and corsages take only a few moments, but if you need 10-15 of them, you might spend 3 hours alone on these items.

Third, how many flowers will you need? If you’re unsure, what if you spend a ton and find out you ordered way too many- or worse, discover that you need much more than you thought with only one day to go?

Finally, consider the costs aside from the actual flowers- to create your own wedding blooms, you’ll need floral scissors, floral tape, ribbons, vases, candles, wires….the list goes on and on! And if you’re not a pro, you’ll pay retail prices for all those items or spend lots of time scouring thrift stores, wedding resale sites, and so forth.

{we say for better or worse- so how about we start with “better?”}

Let’s make this stress-free, shall we?

lilly lane offers low-cost rentals on tons of decor items, including a wide variety of cylinder and square vases in all sizes, colorful vases, gold & silver metallics, ceramics, lanterns, wooden slices, jars- if you’ve seen it on Pinterest, we probably have it or know where to get it. We also stock candles, votive candles, and other items you’ll need. Items can be picked up the day of the wedding or several days in advance depending on your calendar.

Since we’ve used them, we’ll be able to tell you exactly how many flowers you need to fill them- and order them for you from our wholesale contacts.

We’ll also design AND create your bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages for you. Having us create these items takes away the pressure of needing to make them the day before or day of (when you’re busy with just a few things!), as well as the need to buy expensive supplies. On the morning of your event, you’ll simply pick them up and enjoy!

Sound good? Contact us today to get on our calendar!